An important basic about any business

Timeless thought by Louis Brandeis (former associate justice of supereme court of US)  -

In business, the earning of profit is something more than an incident of success. It is an essential condition of success. But while loss spells failure, large profits do not connote success. Success must also be sought in the improvement of products, in a more perfect organization, in eliminating friction as well as waste, and in the establishment of right relations with customers and with the community.

Leadership is also about letting others take charge when that’s the need of the hour

Every person is unique and has a different way of leading or following a leader in different situations.

In my recent engagements ,I got to explore both the aspects and learnt a very important lesson that I believe is going to remain with me for a long time.

When faced with a problem and you’re a member of a team, it’s very important to step in and lead when needed.

It is as critically important to step back and stop leading to let someone else if that’s the need of the hour because what’s important is to have the will to relinquish power and it only comes when you attach more importance to goals that are bigger than individual goals.

I believe it does two things – gives you an opportunity to look at things from an outsider perspective and gives your team members the confidence that you trust them.

Additionally, what’s really really important is to know when is the right time to get back into the driver seat when you know things are not going North with the experiments that you have done. I believe most people struggle at this part or are scared to let others lead because they are too insecure to loose their lead positions if they let others take charge.

Leadership is not just about the title or role that you are playing. One of the most important aspects of leadership in my way is about getting things done by also letting others achieve their true potential on your way to achieving your project and company goals.

Easier said than done but possible :-)

How nice people become evil in a situation and how the same situation can make someone a Hero

I recently watched this great Ted Talk by Philip Zimbardo about how a situation can make someone bad and the same situation can make someone a Hero. The talk was action packed with great thoughts about how power without oversight can result in Evil and how a system can create a situation which can lead to a normal person becoming evil. Talk contains some pictures with nudity and violence so watch it at your own discretion. Thought of sharing some thoughts from the talk  in form of the following snapshots from the video -








And LASTLY this one -



HOPE you enjoy watching it.

Adobe CQ, Web Content Management and Asset Management

I am about to wrap up a Adobe CQ web content management implementation for an asset management firm in Jersey City. It’s been a little less than one year since we started this gig and it’s coming to an end soon.  It was a great learning experience to do something outside the world of Microsoft in the world of asset management. Still waiting for a confirmation about what the next engagement is going to be but most likely it’s going to be something in the world of e-commercec. Let’s see how it goes.


Paddleboarding all over the city .. all night :-)

Title and image of this post are there to be a reminder for me of a beautiful dream I just woke up to :-).  I was surfing on a surfboard on top of vehicles lined up in long queues (yes you read it right :-)) and then accurately timing my landing in water and back to the top of vehicles in the city.

I just loved the adrenaline rush and the pace and accuracy of my dream paddle-boarding all throughout the night. Joy of timing landings in water and on top of vehicles and the fearlessness with which I did all that was just an awesome experience even though it was a dream.

I guess the dream had some nice positive impact on me which I would like to carry with me through at least the end of this day :-)

Have a good day Sourav!


Time for new stuff on professional and personal front in US

After spending a little more than 10 months in India I am back to US again with family. This time I am here for a project where I will be managing projects to design and implement CMS solutions  based on Java centered frameworks. When I started my career back in 2004, I had an option to choose from Java and Microsoft and I chose MS. After spending more than 8 years in the MS world, I am expanding now and getting into the world of Java. It has definitely left me in a place outside my comfort zone but that’s good in a way. It is exciting to be in a world completely different form the proprietary world of MS where every other software is freeware and provides limitless possibilities. I am using Alterion by SDL and CQ5 by adobe in these implementations.

On personal front, other than the time spent with family, I am taking my keyboard hobby a little more seriously and recording my piano tunes and making them public on SoundCloud. The picture you see on top is from the evening we spent at Times Square on my birthday on 9th March. We had great fun and Dhruv enjoyed a lot.

Hoping to find some more time in the coming days to write about more stuff.




Enabling Developer Dashboard in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 comes with an improved developer dashboard which opens in it’s own pop-up window. It’s not enabled by default and can be enabled by running the following PowerShell statements one by one on PowerShell console (called SharePoint 2013 management shell in SP2013) -

$content =([Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService)

$appsetting =$content.DeveloperDashboardSettings

$appsetting.DisplayLevel = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPDeveloperDashboardLevel]::On



After executing the above statements, refreshing any SharePoint 2013 page shows the developer dashboard launch icon in the top right corner of the page as shown below -




Clicking the icon launches the developer dashboard as shown below -

Being an avid fiddler user, I am quite used to seeing the analysis results getting changed as I  move from one page to another in the browser window but with  SP2013 dev dashboard, launch icon has to be clicked every time the page changes to see request details for the new page in dev dashboard.




SharePoint 2013 Preview Performance issues because of Noderunner.exe

If you have been using SharePoint 2013 Preview for a while,  I am sure you would have faced the performance issues in using the product.

On digging into the issues, you would notice that one of the processes – “noderunner.exe” uses significant RAM. Killing the process doesn’t help as it restarts again automatically. The process is used in search functions and has memory leaks as the product is still in Beta.

MS guys have shared a fix for the problem at the following location -

I followed the steps and restarted the server and it works!



Installing Windows 8 final version on MAC Book Pro 2011

Here is how you install Windows 8 on a MAC Book Pro 2011 edition using Boot Camp -

Prerequisites -

Windows 8 Preview or final version DVD (I had final version) with a valid product key.

Steps -

On your MAC Partition, Access Book Camp Assistant. It takes you through steps of creating a new partition or removing an existing partition (if you have Win 7 on your book camp partition that you want to erase and have a fresh Win 8 setup)

Make sure your Win 8 DVD is in. Boot Camp automatically launches Windows 8 setup after you have configured the partition..

Windows 8 setup screen launches and takes a while before it moves to the next installation screen (it took about 2-3 minutes for me)

Let the setup complete. On Launching Windows 8, you would notice that most of the required drivers are not installed e.g. WIFI, Track pad etc. You can install most of the driver software using your MAC OSX install DVD (I have my Leopard days DVD).

Boot camp setup from install DVD will not launch on Windows 8 as it only runs on Windows 7. You will have to navigate to the drivers folder and install the driver one by one.

After installing all software, track pad right click still didn’t work for me. I am using a Microsoft wireless mouse for navigation.

Windows 8 will most likely prompt you with a message that you need to activate Windows 8 although you would have used the correct product key during installation (it did for me). On clicking activation, it didn’t work for me.

I had to re-enter my product key and re-activate. You can do it by opening command prompt using administrator (right click command prompt icon and click ‘run as administartor’) and entering slui command.

On command prompt enter “slui 3″ and it will open the window where you can enter product key and activate the product.

I personally like the product. Hope you like it to.











It’s not about the bike; not even about the bat …It’s about living strong

I read a book about someone whose life is an inspiration for humanity. He won hearts of millions by fighting against all odds by surviving cancer, winning Tour de France 7 times in his life and then starting his cancer foundation – to help those with cancer. Unfortunately he was recently stripped off of all his titles as he chose not to fight against the doping charges levied against him. He still remains an inspiration for all including me.

It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life is a 2000 autobiographical book by cyclist Lance Armstrong with Sally Jenkins about life of Armstrong, his fight against cancer and then winning Tour de France title.

The book was written shortly after Armstrong had won the 1999 Tour de France: he went on to win it six more times in successive years, establishing a record. In 1996, he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer, which spread to his lungs, abdomen and brain, and was only given a 40 percent chance of living.

Unfortunately one of India’s greatest cricketers Yuvraj Singh was also struck with a similar blow when he was diagnosed with a rare germ cell cancer about an year back. He fought back and fought back hard and fortunately has recovered enough that he is going to play for India in the shorter version of game in T20 world cup this year.

Yuvraj read armstrong’s autobiography during his ill ness and it helped him a lot in recovery. The first thought that comes into your mind after reading this book is that every person who is fighting a battle against this deadly disease must read it. It’s one of the best written books about comeback – a come back to life.

Mother of a very close friend of mine died recently of cancer in her throat. The worst part of the disease for the friends and relatives of those with a deadly disease like cancer is not being able to do much as the disease just eats the patient from within and leaves you with not much options specially when its discovered at last stage. I wish I had read this book before and had shared it with them. I am sure it would have made some difference as for someone fighting this battle even the slightest level of encouragement is of great help.

In hustle bustle of corporate life, we tend to ignore the world outside our closed worlds. Out there, there are lives with not much time left and fighting a battle day in day out. Heroes like Armstrong and Yuvraj are a great source of inspiration for them and all of us for they teach us that hope should never die. I salute them and million others who are fighting this battle. This reminds me of what Stephen King once said -

‘Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.’